Mary’s fabulous, sunny string quilt

This is one of the recent quilts I was able to work on. Mary V. is the piecer and does wonderful work.
Mary's string quiltIsn’t this just the brightest, funnest quilt you have seen in a long time? I just love the colors!

string blocksEach of these string blocks are 3″ square, so the quilt is not a huge one. I had so much fun looking at each of the fabrics – there are some really ugly fabrics, some very dated fabrics, and some really strange ones, but when put all together they really work!



I quilted it using one of Laura Lee Fritz’ designs from her book Mindful Meandering: 132 Original Continuous-Line Quilting Designs. It was easy and really looks awesome with the quilt!

border quiltingThe border really adds to the quilt also.

backAnd of course, she used a solid back so that the quilting really shows up on it. Isn’t that cool?!





4 thoughts on “Mary’s fabulous, sunny string quilt

  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I may just be motivated to dig through my overflowing stash, knowing I’ll probably uncover many ugly fabrics! Great quilting job too!

  2. Beautiful Bari. I love what she did with the border. I just finished my string quilt too, but I wanted it done NOW and since it was very big (72 x 84), did not put a border on it. My next one will have to have a cute border like Mary’s. Your quilting design is perfect for that border too.

    • Isn’t her border awesome, Dar? I am like you, often need something done too quickly to add a fancy border like that, but boy does it add to the quilt!

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