Wisconsin vacation

This is the third year that we have vacationed in Wisconsin visiting friends. They have a luscious little log cabin on the Peshtigo River which pours into Green Bay on Lake Michigan. Perfect for our family as we fish, float, and play on the beach as well as eat way more than we ought to!

Mr. snowman


These folks are like family now, and so are the neighbors. See the object that The Hunter and Big Brother are pulling out of the water? This snowman has made his rounds back and forth between the Facette’s and the Harper’s. It just “appears” and no one has admitted where he came from or who is doing this….LOL. When we got to Peshtigo and were looking around, Jean saw Mr. Snowman tied up under their dock with a camo hat on. There was also a duck decoy positioned out in front of their dock.

Mr SnowmanNow you can get a better look at him. Naturally, we are all snickering and laughing, trying to figure out where we are going to put him before Harper gets home from work.

Mr SnowmanHere he is, positioned in a little part of the river that is right in front of Harper’s dock and near the channel where he takes his boat out.



After getting Mr. Snowman taken care of, we took the pontoon out to see how things looked. Last year, there was no water here because they were working on the dam and we wanted to check out the fishing holes.

The next morning, Mini-me and Big Brother got up early to go fish on the dock. Mini-me really wanted to get a big pike and get the FIRST one of vacation….he even had Grandma Judi praying for him!

05-IMG_1126This was the result…..LOL. Big Brother was not happy to be out-fished!

06-IMG_1133The Hunter loves to cook for people, so we always take the food with us for the week and we spend all year in between vacations deciding on what meals we are going to have. We always take duck, deer, and goose if we have it. We even took crappie up this year and fried fish. Suppers have become quite a social even when we are up there….the neighbors come over and we have a great time.  Harper is here with Blaze, his dog, and Dick and Jean.

07-IMG_1138Sunset on the Peshtigo.

I will show more photos and fun from our vacation in later posts so stay tuned….








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