More Wisconsin vacation…

08-IMG_1148Dick and Jean own a little cabin that has been in their family for some time. The Peshtigo was a logging river, and the cabin was built from logs that were brought down the river. This is the interior of the kitchen. The guys are waiting for breakfast!

back porch


This picture is the back porch where The Hunter and I and the kids all sleep.09-IMG_1150Once Big Brother was finished with breakfast, he headed back down to the dock to fish. Still didn’t beat Mini-me’s pike from the morning before!

10-IMG_1154This is part of the upper Peshtigo, up above the dam. We have floated this for three years now. If you will look down river, you will see a large boulder sticking up out of the water. The water was quite a bit higher than last year, when they worked on the dam, and this boulder was not sticking out nearly so far as the year before.

Dick & JeanDick, Jean and Munchie. Dick is kind of the impatient type – when he has a goal he goes for it with no delay. That includes the end of a float trip. Munchie liked going with Dick because he would get so far ahead of us (because we were fishing every hole we could find!) he would have to stop on a bank somewhere and wait.

MunchieThat is Munchie’s favorite part. She could play, swim, run, and have fun to her heart’s content.

wood ducksThis is a family of young wood ducks we scared up. The hen flew off down the river, trying to distract us. All these babies were too young to fly, as they never took off. Right before this picture was taken an eagle flew past us and tried to scoop one of the little ones up.  Those babies were trucking it across the river to get into the brush on the other side!

The HunterThe Hunter never has much problem catching fish….LOL. The fishing was not near as easy as it was last year when the water was down though. Last year you could see the fish chasing the bait….not this year! It was a great float!


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