Wisconsin – at the home front

Mini-me and Munchie like the outdoors and like to catch anything wildlife related.

15-IMG_1204Mini-me caught this large frog down by the water. He wants to be Jase Robinson from Duck Dynasty when he grows up!

The neighbor, Harper, is a trapper and they had been having trouble with an invasion of chipmunks that were tearing up the houses and yards. Munchie wanted to learn how to trap them, so Harper loaned her several traps, and showed her how and where to set them.


Here is one of her traps, set and ready to go. She couldn’t wait to get home and check them!

trappingHere is her first chipmunk. She was so proud!

More trappingNaturally, Mini-me had to get in on the action also, though Munchie still set the traps and determined where to put them.

I think she would enjoy trapping around here, and I know Harper was thrilled to share his passion with her!


2 thoughts on “Wisconsin – at the home front

  1. Your kids sure are cute. I am not surprised that they are so comfortable with outdoors activities and nature. You are doing such a great job raising self reliant children who will be responsible adults when they grow up. God bless you and your DH. Wish there were more parents like you two.

    • Thank you, Dar. We are doing our best, and I just pray that God uses them for his purposes and raises them up to be those responsible adults in spite of us! Being a parent has to be the toughest job I have ever had. Thanks for the encouragement!

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