More fishing in Wisconsin….

Peshtigo Harbor
 Harper told us about another place we might be able to find some fish, and sure enough we did. We spent a whole day here enjoying the beach and the fishing. There was plenty of shallow sand for the kids to play in and plenty of fishing to keep us older folks occupied!

46-IMG_1478This was a beauty, and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all! They look so much smaller in pictures!

47-IMG_1479Maybe a close-up will help!

48-IMG_1485In this picture you can see Big Brother and The Hunter fishing, and if you look at the old pier pillars you will see Munchie and Mini-me playing.

MeHere is a nice one I caught!

50-IMG_1494We saw lots of wildlife also. This was a white crane fishing.

Snapping turtleThis strange-looking thing is a HUGE snapping turtle. He kept coming up and looking at us and was even maybe 10 feet away at one time. I don’t know if he was thinking the kids might make a tasty snack or if he was hoping to snag a fish we turned loose or what.

eagleBald eagles flew over head….


pelicansas well as a whole herd of pelicans!

single pelicanThis one was right over our heads!

Sail boatThere were also quite a few sail boats out on the bay.

MunchieMunchie loved this spot!

PierHere you can see where the old pier used to be. This was a logging community, so the logs were floated down here and then taken where they were needed.

We take a family photo every year to put on Christmas cards and we thought this location would be perfect. As I was getting the camera set up on the timer so I would have time to get in the picture here is what I was dealing with!

The familyBig Brother is going to take a bite out of Mini-me!

All of usWe love Wisconsin!



2 thoughts on “More fishing in Wisconsin….

  1. great pics of your family and the beautiful scenery of your fishing hole. Wish I were there. I love to fish almost anywhere. The bass your DH caught WAS big. I’m the proud owner of several big bass pictures in my younger years. Now I might have trouble landing one that big before it got away.!

    • Isn’t fishing wonderful, Dar? We all love it….. I am sure you would have gotten that one in…they are so fun and those small mouth put up quite a fight!

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