More fun in Wisconsin

Big Brother & Mini-meThis is a place we have fished every year while in Wisconsin. There are rocks covering the bottom and they are VERY slick. Big Brother was helping Mini-me cross the rocks. I thought it was a really sweet picture!

crawdadsAnd when you have rocks….you have crawdads! They were everywhere! You could even dangle your bait in front of them and they would grab it. Pretty fun to mess with.

HarperHere is Harper after he fetched Mr. Snowman from the cove.

Harper's dockHe had a great time helping the kids catch blue gill.

blue gillThis was a HUGE blue gill, what we call a “toad”!

supper timeWhile Harper and Matt were fishing, we were getting ready for supper.

After supper Big Brother headed down to the dock to try his hand at some more fishing.

Mini-pikeThis was the biggest pike he caught all week! 🙂

Eagle perchedI don’t know if you can see him, but thee is an eagle perched on the power poles. He would often sit there and watch what was going on up and down the river.

juvenile eagleHere is another picture of a young eagle.

Neighbor's homeThis is the neighbor’s house. I just noticed the buzzard up in the tree this year. I don’t know if he has been there years before or not!

buzzardIsn’t he cute?!

rabbitThis rabbit is a domestic rabbit that escaped from a neighbor’s pen, rather mysteriously I guess. He would wander around the yards eating grass and flowers. Munchie was able to touch him once, but after that he steered away from anywhere the kids might be!


I was sitting out on the dock reading a book when this family of geese came swimming by.

Oops! Oops! He finally saw me….

geeseand decided it was safer taking his family around me through the weeds.

Munchie and DickOn one excursion in the pontoon, Dick let each of the kids drive.

Mini-me and DickMini-me’s turn.

damRight below this dam is one of our favorite fishing spots. We also saw two otters while up here, but I couldn’t get a good picture of them.

fliesThese are one form of wild life we could have done without. The flies were horrible this year and would absolutely eat you up!


















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