Evenings in Wisconsin

dinnerAs I said, dinner was a neighborhood affair. Everyone likes to get in on The Hunter’s cooking and they would all bring a side dish to go with it.

After supper came more fishing….

Harper and Mini-meHarper took Mini-me out in his new duck boat to fish for blue gill.

The HunterThe Hunter and I went with Munchie.Munchie

We fished for blue gill and The Hunter caught bass.

HarperHere is Harper and Mini-me fishing.

BIg Brother took the kayak out by himself to fish where he wanted to.

Big Brother

This was a nice fish!

Another fishAnd so was this one!

Sunset on the PeshtigoCan’t beat being out on a river, fishing, with a gorgeous sunset like this!

HarperHarper with the sunset behind him.

The HunterThe Hunter.

Our final morningOur final morning in Peshtigo before heading out.

Mini-me and Big Brother


Think we were tired?


It is always a great time with our friends in Wisconsin!









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