3rd quarter Finish-A-Long recap…..

My list for the 3rd quarter of the Finish-A-Long was very ambitions even though the kids were out of school until late August. My reasoning was that if I didn’t feel like working on one quilt, I could work on another that “inspired” me.

Inspiration did not hit.


No major surges of “just hafta quilt this”.

No mad, late night quilting binges in the studio….


I am not really sure what happened except that I was exceptionally busy and the kids and I had a great summer. And that was good.

Here are the eight quilts I thought I might choose from this go ’round:

  1. Mom’s antique red and white Drunkard’s Path
  2. 2009 First Saturday quilt
  3. 2010 First Saturday quilt
  4. 2011 First Saturday quilt
  5. Flannel Squares quilt
  6. Hilary’s leftovers quilt
  7. Dinosaur quilt
  8. Lancaster Rose wall hanging

The only one I even touched was the antique red and white Drunkard’s Path. I have all the SID and the red finished, I just have to get it back on the machine and start the white areas. I am thinking feathers…. 🙂

Red and white drunkards path

Since I got nothing done, I am not linking up with the linky for this, but you all might as well hop on over to she can quilt and see all the incredibly wonderful projects everyone else got done. Leanne also has some wonderful tutorials to go along with the FAL party!


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