T-shirt quilts by April

A friend from church asked me to quilt a couple of T-shirt quilts she made for her kids. I slipped those in between a couple of custom jobs I have had recently.

Here is her first quilt, the one for her daughter, Courtney.


Sorry it is on its side, but it looks better than if I rotated the picture!



Courtney plays volleyball, just in case you hadn’t noticed!

blocks 2April picked this slightly off-kilter setting to use for both quilts, and I think it turned out wonderfully!

Her piecing was much better on her second quilt for her son, Caleb, even though the first wasn’t bad at all. It always amazes me how much we learn with each quilt we do.

Caleb's quilt


Caleb’s interests are quite eclectic – he was involved in football, band, the honor society….



French, choir,  and the media/TV program!

blocksJust an all-around type of guy!.

I hope both Caleb and Courtney enjoy their quilts!



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