My Word for 2014


I have noticed many people are picking a word to live by and to focus on for the year as a reminder of where they want to be or how they want to grow during the year.  I haven’t done it before. I just didn’t take the time. I’ve decided to do it this year because I really want this year to be different, I want me to be different.

Deciding on just the right word was difficult.

I have a tendency to be very focused on the things and projects that I want to get done, very selfish in that way I guess. I have my “to do” list and a certain number of things I want to accomplish in a day. The problem is that I don’t leave room for God to guide my life, maybe in a direction that is NOT on that list, or in a way that I am not expecting and can’t control.  I want to be more open to helping others, leaving “margin” and time in my life for those God-inspired interactions with others.

Using Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 2014 Word challenge as motivation, I wanted to make a quilt with that word as a daily, visual reminder of where I want to be and how I want to grow by the end of year

I first thought of surrender – surrendering to God and to His agenda for me, but that wasn’t quite the right word. So I looked up surrender in the dictionary and stumbled across YIELD.

Here are the pertinent definitions of yield, the ones that spoke to me –

  1. to give or render as fitting, rightfully owed, or required
  2. to give up possession of on claim or demand, as:
    1. to surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another, hand over possession of
    2. to surrender or submit (oneself) to another
  3. to bear or bring forth as a natural product especially as a result of cultivation <the tree always yields good fruits>; to produce or furnish as return <this soil should yield good crops>
  4. to be fruitful or productive

I also included a very visual reminder of what and Who I wanted to yield to – Jesus Christ.yield

In 2014, I yield to Jesus Christ as is fitting, rightfully owed, and required as a follower of His. I surrender physical control and possession of my life, my time, my efforts, my love, my family and my friends to Him and His will. I surrender and submit myself to His authority.

I am stubborn and more selfish than I like to admit. This won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I know I can’t do it on my own – been there, done that. I need His strength, His help, His guidance; and I pray the year will bear good fruit and be productive for His purposes!


2 thoughts on “My Word for 2014

  1. A very fitting word for 2014. With what you say about yourself as being stubborn and selfish (which I doubt), I wonder if your birthday is under the Tarus zodiac sign.? Your crazy piecing word is very pretty.

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