February update & Reva’s quilt

Well, my laptop is still out of commission. The hard drive totally crashed, as in no recovery possible. It took them a week to figure that out,  so then we ordered a new hard drive for it – another week and a half gone because of snow and delays with Fed Ex/UPS. I called last week and it was finished, but when I went to pick it up the main tech guys was checking it and they hadn’t loaded any of the drivers on it….so that was a week ago. They haven’t called back yet to let me know it is finished  so I will call later today. In all fairness, the main tech guy’s father-in-law had a stroke and was on life support, so I have been cutting them a lot of slack on finishing up the computer. Still, it has been a MONTH and I miss my laptop as I can’t get on the desk top much at all! (Just in case you haven’t noticed….LOL!)

The quilt I am going to show you today was finished up right before the laptop crashed. I was so fortunate I had the photos of it still on the camera, because I absolutely love this quilt!

Reva pieced this as a block of the month at a local quilt shop and it measured 109″ by 109″Reva's quilt overall


This is the first quilt Reva has had custom quilted and she wanted feathers. The borders were 12″ wide, so there was plenty of room to go wild with feathers!

Reva's borders


Close up of part of the border –


I love the texture on the quilt!



This one shows a little more of what I did in the large star blocks.






Here is the center star. Reva did a wonderful job piecing this quilt! It was not an easy one!





This picture shows how I handled the feathers in the borders and utilized the unusual shape of the outer border. I started in the center and feathered out to the corners.





This last picture shows more detail in the checkerboard areas and also the smaller stars.







I really did not want to give this quilt back to Reva…it would have looked WONDERFUL on MY bed! 🙂

Beautiful job, Reva!


6 thoughts on “February update & Reva’s quilt

  1. WOW!  What a gorgeous quilt.  It looks awesome.  You have been busy!  Let me know when you are ready for my log cabin.  We are having the triplet baby shower this weekend.  My friends are calling it a baby hurricane, not a shower!   Thanks, Tanya


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