February 350 Blocks Project update

Woo hoo, I finally have my computer back! Yay! I just picked it up at noon today and am busy loading all the software I need back onto it. I should have been quilting, but you know how that goes….LOL.

I actually had a pretty good month. I got a lot done early in the month, then was sick and lost almost two whole weeks of quilting-type work, but made up for it early this week when I jumped in and finished more of the Birds in the Air blocks.

This first block is the center block for a lap quilt for some friends who are huge Packer fans. I finished up the main Packer logo in December and had the letters cut out for the words, I just hadn’t put them on the block yet. Now that part is finished and I just need to work up the border. This is a quilt I had worked up in EQ7 and then lost the files when my laptop crashed. Fortunately, I found a printout of the finished EQ project when I was cleaning in my sewing room the other day!

Green Bay

My next project is for a graduation quilt for a nephew.Brett's quilt

I pieced the 13 9-patch blocks and got the whole center of the quilt pieced together. That leaves only the borders and quilting. I don’t know what is up, but I am way early on getting this one done! By the way, I didn’t count the plain alternate blocks in my block count for the month….I figured that would be cheating, but I may wish I had by the end of the year!

I spent Monday and Tuesday working on more Birds in the Air blocks. Monday I was able to finish up 34 blocks.Birds in the Air

Tuesday I finished up 18 more. Birds in the AirIncluding these, I have 257 birds in the air blocks. I need 280 blocks total so have only 23 more to go.

End result with the 66 I made this month, my total for the year is 123 blocks. I know that makes me way ahead of what I need to be, but I am sure this summer I won’t get so many done, plus I will have all the easy blocks pieced and that will leave only hard ones as I finish the year. For instance, some of the Civil War Tribute blocks have 70-80 pieces per block!

If you haven’t already, hop on over to Shelly’s and see what everyone else has accomplished!


One thought on “February 350 Blocks Project update

  1. You’re doing great! I know I have some more complicated stuff coming up later, so I’m glad I have that bit of a cushion starting out, too. What’s up with being sick? Don’t you know you don’t have time for that?

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