March 350 Blocks Project Update

I so can’t believe it is the last day of March! The month has flown by….and I have gotten very little personal quilting stuff done.

I have been spending a lot of time with the 4-H quilting group that I am leading. The girls are learning to make quilts and two of them don’t have a working sewing machine, so they have been coming over once a week to work on their projects. I am going to have to get some photos and post them…they are doing such a wonderful job! Anyway, between that and snow days early in the month and sick kids at the end of the month with Spring Break in between, it just hasn’t been happenin’!

These are the last of the Birds in the Air blocks that I need to make. There are 24 here, and I only needed 23. These were done early in the month. Birds  in the Air blocks

That was all I did. I haven’t touched anything else of my own. At least that makes my total 147 blocks for the first quarter of the 350 Block Project! Still above the goal, but if I’m not careful my head start will be gone before I know it.

Just so you know I haven’t been totally slacking off from quilting for the month, this is a picture of the latest customer quilt I am working on. This is made by Barb M. from my guild.

Barb M's quilt

I wasn’t sure what the name of the pattern was, but I found it in Block Base and it is called Love Chain. This quilt is for Barb’s daughter’s marriage, so very appropriate! I only have the outer pink border and a little of the off white border to finish up. I will be glad to get this off the machine!

And just to show you another little project, Munchie was in a 4-H skit where the club did a take off of the hit  movie “Frozen”. We were tasked with providing “Olaf” and here is what we came up with!

Olaf and Munchie

Well, at least his head anyway…and he keeps losing that in the movie also! Not too bad!

Anyway, Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts did so much better on her blocks than I did this month. Skip on over there and see what everyone else accomplished!


2 thoughts on “March 350 Blocks Project Update

    • Yes, Shelly, they are all freehand. I don’t have a computerized machine or anything. I mark the spine and then just quilt the feathers doing both sides of the spine at once. I don’t even stitch the spine first. I hate the “thready” look when I do too much backtracking on the spine, so I have worked out a system to eliminate it.

      Kim Brunner’s DVD and workbook, Twirly Whirly Feathers, is the inspiration for the light colored border. I love those feathers!

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