Mini-me’s first turkey hunt!

Mini-me and Munchie have been working hard to get ready for youth turkey season this year. It is the first year they have been big enough to shoot a shotgun.  They have been excited for today!

We all got up at 5:00 AM to get under the cedar tree by 6:00. It was a gorgeous morning, windy but warm. We saw deer in the field and a lot of turkeys all over. The gobblers were really talking this morning. Here in our part of Missouri they don’t always talk much, so it was really neat the kids got to see and hear that. We had a group of about 6 gobblers and a couple of hens over in a field quite a ways away, but we could see them strutting and hear them gobble. It took a while, but finally three jakes started coming our way – one of them strutting the whole time.

The Hunter had Mini-me and Munchie set up where both could shoot at the same time if the birds were near the decoy. Unfortunately, the three birds came up as if they were going toward the decoy, then veered off toward Mini-me’s side of the tree and around. He was able to get the gobbler that had been strutting, but Munchie never had a shot at any of them. Mini-me's first turkey

Very exciting! His beard was only about 4″ long, but he weighed 19 pounds. Great hunt!

Munchie and Mini-me

What I thought was cool was how supportive Munchie was of Mini-me’s success. She even helped him haul the bird to the truck.Mini-me and the Hunter

One proud papa (and mama)!



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