A quilty finish

WARNING – picture heavy post ahead!

I have had a customer quilt on the machine for a while now, and finally delivered it to her yesterday. I fell in love with this quilt, and had so much fun quilting it! This quilt belongs to a wonderful gal in the guild, Barb M, and she made it for her daughter after she (Barb) was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pink  in the quilt is for breast cancer, and Barb wanted the quilt to have an old-fashioned feel.

Barb M's Love Chain

I had to look the name of the block up in BlockBase and it is called “Love Chain” or “Atlanta” and is numbered 1023 in BlockBase.  It was almost 100 inches square, so you can see  it hangs down on the floor some at the bottom.

Barb M - bordersMy inspiration started with the light-colored border – I wanted Twirly Whirly Feathers ala Kimmy Brunner in the border, and since it is only 6″ wide, there were a lot of them!

Barb M - borders

Here is another shot of the quilt, still on the frame. There was fullness in both the pink outer border and the light tan border, so the heavy quilting helped to draw it up. I love the undulating line of the feathers in the pink border!

Barb M - borders

And another close up of the light tan border.  I quilted continuous curves in the pieced border – regular CC in the pink and brown and a little bit of line dancing in the light tan.

Barb M  - center

This picture shows a closer shot of the center of the quilt as well as the border. I did the same CC in the chains as in the pieced border, just did the line dancing in the 9-patch sections and the regular CC in the rest. The brown/pink frames were stitched in the ditch.


Barb M - corner


This was so much fun to quilt!Barb M - quilt


I hope Barb’s daughter loves it!Barb M - borders

We used a double layer of batting – Pellon’s Nature’s Touch 100% cotton on the bottom and Hobbs low-loft polydown on the top. I used Superior So Fine thread both top and bottom.

Barb's quiltI love it!



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