4-H Quilting with Ella!

I have a group of 4-H students I am teaching to quilt. Two of the girls, sisters Ella and Rory, didn’t have a working sewing machine at home, so they have been coming here to the house to work on theirs. They have been working hard and both have their tops finished. As they finish their tops, I am going to teach each of the girls to quilt on my longarm.

This week we have been concentrating on quilting Ella’s top. Yesterday she spent some time with a practice piece on the longarm and learning to follow a pantograph. This afternoon she quilted a couple more rows on the practice piece, then we loaded up her quilt,

Ella quilting


This was near the end of the quilt, and her curves were getting much smoother and she was much more comfortable.’

Ella close up

She was concentrating! She did phenomenal on the quilting and the back looks awesome also! I will have more pictures as we finish it up completely.

Ella and quilt

Here she is with the quilt.

Next up – binding!


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