May 350 Blocks Project Report

Well, I started out with a bang, then life got in the way! All these blocks were finished up the first week of May.Green Bay Blocks

These of course are more 9-patches for the Green Bay Packers quilt – 26 total. These were the last of them and I am quite a ways into the process of sewing them together for borders.

I have a couple of baby quilts to make and I love using Mary’s Strippie Quilt pattern – it is so easy and quick to put together. Here is the first one –

Baby Girl quilt

I am counting this as 6 blocks – each of the pink, brown, floral, and brown sets was sewn together (there are 5 of those) and then there is one left over pink strip to sew on.

As you can see, this one is pink and brown. I have more fabric that is pink and gray and I hope to get that one worked up pretty quick as that baby is already born! I want to quilt both of them at the same time…save a little time and fabric that way.

I have also been working on more blocks, just not finished with them. I am almost finished piecing the units and am actually paper piecing them. You will see why when I am finally post them!

For the month, I completed a total of 32 blocks to give me a year-to-date total of 209 blocks. Not too bad!

Now you just need to skip on over to Shelly’s Prairie Moon Quilts to see how everyone else has done.




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