New Year organization efforts and a UFO for the Studio Organizing Challenge

I have actually already started on my business taxes for this year. Last year I didn’t get them done until March 28, so that put our personal taxes even later. Like the week before the deadline. The Hunter didn’t care for that so much!

This year I have started early. I knew I had business receipts stashed in three different places and that two of those places were stacks of papers in my sewing room. I went through those stacks yesterday, found my receipts, and ended up with this –stacks of paperPiles and stacks of paper all over.

Karen, one of the readers of Shelly‘s recent Final Countdown Task 2¬†challenge to organize part of your stash (and not just stashed fabric!), posted how she is using a filing box for her patterns, instead of the more traditional binders. I have used binders for years. In fact you can see a few of them on the lower right shelf behind the ironing board in this picture. The problem is I don’t look at them and they aren’t that organized, so this idea really struck a chord with me.

Notice the bin to the lower right of the picture though? I have had this sitting around, empty except for empty hanging files, for several years so it was PERFECT for this and I didn’t even have to go buy anything!

So the mess on the floor of my sewing studio is the prelude to having a more accessible, organized pattern stash! Yay! I do have to go buy those little plastic tab thingies that you write on so that you know what is in the folder. That is on the list today, then I can actually start putting “piles” in the box!

The next bit of inspiration Shelly provided was with her Studio Organizing Challenge, 2015. She will post a task every Thursday to help us get more organized. I probably won’t be able to do this every week, but any week I can surely will help the chaos around here!

Last Thursday’s task was to organize our oldest UFO. It took me a while to figure out which might be oldest…I have SO many! This is the one I cam up with – Deb’s Cows

Deb's cows

The latest these could be dated is 2003 and is probably much earlier than that. I started this quilt prior to my marriage and planned on making a whole herd of them for a very dear friend. I was even going to make them look like her herd – a black white-faced cow with a spot around one eye, a solid black cow, and so on. Obviously, I got this far and no further! (That or Deb has an awfully small herd!)

Here is the status of Deb’s Cows now –

Deb's cows project

I actually had it filed in its own little drawer with the patterns, extra pieces already cut for making more cows, and the five finished blocks. I am not going to make any more cow blocks, though I think a longhorn steer would look awesome. I am calling it good here and plan to set the five blocks with four hour glass blocks, put a border on and call it done!

At least it is out, I have a plan, and it won’t be too difficult to finish up….at least after I get my floor cleared off where I can get into my sewing room!


3 thoughts on “New Year organization efforts and a UFO for the Studio Organizing Challenge

  1. Such cute cow blocks. I think your plan to go forward with the blocks you have done and call it done with a smaller end product is the right way to go. I need to pull out my oldest (or one closest to being finished) and get one UFO off my long, long list too. Thanks for the motivation.

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