Studio Organization update

I haven’t updated lately about how I am doing on Shelly‘s studio organization tasks. Week 4 was to organize my marking pens and pencils. Week 5 was to clean out and organize one drawer.

I think I collect pens, pencils and office supplies even more than Shelly does! This was a task that I was dreading because I had so many spread out in several different places – my sewing room and by my longarm. My longarm area has three little drawer units that had accumulated all kinds of junk: pens, pencils, markers, small longarm tools, needles, and, um, well, JUNK. Of course I never looked in the drawers because they weren’t organized and were so jumbled up.

I ended up combining the two tasks and here is what I ended up with –

Pen container

This is the little canister that I use to keep pens, marking tools, seam rippers, pencils and tweezers handy as I am cutting and sewing. Prior to the clean up, you couldn’t fit one more pen in here and there was an overflow of pens on a shelf nearby. Now there aren’t any on the shelf and there is room to spare here.

I organized everything else into the three drawer units that are back out by my longarm. I even LABELED these!

small drawersSee what I mean about an office supply fetish?

The blue unit on the left has longarm supplies – clamps to temporarily put on a practice piece, needles, and miscellaneous small tools. The center white drawers have sharpies, archival markers for labels, colored pencils, washable markers (such as crayola) and dry erase markers. The black cabinet on the right has quilting marking supplies: fabric pencils and chalk, air and water erasable markers, Miracle chalk, and the big drawer on the bottom has adding machine tape (for use on borders), blue painter’s tape, and pencil sharpeners.

So not only did I do one drawer, I organized 12 of them! (Okay, so all together they may count as one regular-sized drawer!).



2 thoughts on “Studio Organization update

  1. Nicely done. Now if you want to come to my sewing room and organize my pencils and stuff since you are on a roll, feel free to come on over. lol. I have so many drawers and cabinets in my house that need attention that I wouldn’t know where to start. 🙂

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