Studio Organization update

I haven’t updated lately about how I am doing on Shelly‘s studio organization tasks. Week 4 was to organize my marking pens and pencils. Week 5 was to clean out and organize one drawer.

I think I collect pens, pencils and office supplies even more than Shelly does! This was a task that I was dreading because I had so many spread out in several different places – my sewing room and by my longarm. My longarm area has three little drawer units that had accumulated all kinds of junk: pens, pencils, markers, small longarm tools, needles, and, um, well, JUNK. Of course I never looked in the drawers because they weren’t organized and were so jumbled up.

I ended up combining the two tasks and here is what I ended up with –

Pen container

This is the little canister that I use to keep pens, marking tools, seam rippers, pencils and tweezers handy as I am cutting and sewing. Prior to the clean up, you couldn’t fit one more pen in here and there was an overflow of pens on a shelf nearby. Now there aren’t any on the shelf and there is room to spare here.

I organized everything else into the three drawer units that are back out by my longarm. I even LABELED these!

small drawersSee what I mean about an office supply fetish?

The blue unit on the left has longarm supplies – clamps to temporarily put on a practice piece, needles, and miscellaneous small tools. The center white drawers have sharpies, archival markers for labels, colored pencils, washable markers (such as crayola) and dry erase markers. The black cabinet on the right has quilting marking supplies: fabric pencils and chalk, air and water erasable markers, Miracle chalk, and the big drawer on the bottom has adding machine tape (for use on borders), blue painter’s tape, and pencil sharpeners.

So not only did I do one drawer, I organized 12 of them! (Okay, so all together they may count as one regular-sized drawer!).



February A Lovely Year of Finishes goal

I can’t believe it is February already and time for another goal to get finished this month!

I am choosing a simple but important one. I need to get Charlotte’s quilt finished up because the Hunter is traveling this month and will be visiting Charlotte’s dad. That is definitely and incentive!

Charlotte's quilt

I have to hand stitch the binding down, make and put on a label, and wash it and it will be good to go!

Don’ t forget to go see what everyone else’s goals are for the month at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs!

Finished! – January 2015 A Lovely Year of Finishes

I have finished the UFO that I selected for this month for the Lovely Year of Finishes! This is a baby quilt for a new niece who was born in early December.

This is Kendall’s quilt – bound and labeled. I still need to wash it before I give it to her, but the washing machine was full of clothes and it will get done later today!

Kendall's quilt

Sorry about the picture looking wonky. The quilt is actually square, but I have had to move a TV to the wall where I normally hang my quilts to take pictures of them. This TV is one of the huge old-fashioned, heavy ones, and I can’t move it by myself to take pictures, so it is making the lower right hand side of the quilt stick out, causing the curve on that side of the quilt. Oh well!

I also need to update my totals for my UFO Busting efforts so am also linking up to Vicki Welsh’s UFO Busting January report. Looking at my stats, it appears I don’t have this quilt as well as one other on my “Open Project” list, which means my net “Open Projects” number is going up one from last month!

  • Open projects – 27
  • Projects finished since last link up – 1
  • Projects started since my last link up – 0

Hop on over to the finish party here or go over and visit Shanna at Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs to see what everyone else has accomplished with their Lovely Year of Finishes. Then go visit Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber for some more fun!

I will also eventually link this to the 2015 first quarter Finish-A-Long to get it counted for a finish! Yay!


Studio organization update…

I finished cleaning my studio in time for a couple of my 4-H girls to come over and work on Monday.

The before – stacks of paper

The after –Organized studio


The paper stacks are all picked up and placed in that little box you see in front of the closet door..I even worked a little bit on the fabric and put in-progress quilts where they will be easy to get to and see (therefore remember to work on!).



This file organizer now contains all my patterns that I print out from the internet as well as inspiration pictures, tutorials, items cut out of magazines, and tips and tricks. They are labeled and should be easy to find and to file! Woo hoo!

Books and magazines

Shelly’s next task was to organize your books and magazines. Mine weren’t in too bad of condition. Here are all my quilting books and magazines as well as a few drawing books. The only magazines I have left are the two files on the right that hold machine quilting magazines that I keep for inspiration. One of these days I will probably give those away also, but I am not ready to do that yet.

My other on-going, little at a time project is Deb’s Cows, one of my oldest UFOs. Here is where I am on it – Deb's Cows border ideas

I am trying to decide on which fabric to use as a border. The boot print goes well, but I can’t decide if it is too busy. The tonal brown actually looks like carved leather! Whichever I don’t use will go on the back. I can see the finish line ahead on this one!

UFO Busting and 2015 First Quarter Finish-A-Long goals

Good morning! It has been cold and wet here in the Midwest….good weather to stay inside, snuggle with the kids, and drink hot chocolate! I haven’t done a lot of quilting, but have worked on some binding while watching movies with the kids.

I have been studying my “UFO problem” and coming up with a plan to tackle it some more this year. To that end, I am linking up with Vicki Welsh’s UFO Busting 2015 and with the 2015 Finish-A-Long with Adrianne at On the Windy Side.

I am down from 38 a couple of years ago to 26 today. The current list includes several quilts started in 2014 but not finished yet and those should be done pretty soon as there are a couple of baby quilts in there. I also have a couple that may go by the wayside…I don’t love them any more and don’t see myself taking the time to finish them, but will leave that decision until later in the year.

Here are my stats for Vicki’s UFO Busting:

  • Open projects – 26
  • Projects finished since last link up – 0
  • Projects started since last link up – 0

I wrote about what I think is probably my oldest UFO here as part of Shelly’s (Prairie Moon Quilts) Studio Organizing challenge. It was started in or before 2002. My UFO spreadsheet also shows I have three others from that time frame, but I really have no idea which one is oldest!

Here are projects I am putting out there for the first quarter of the 2015 Finish-A-Long.

  1. Binding finished and a label on Charlotte’s baby quiltCharlotte's quilt
  2. Binding and a label on Kendall’s baby quilt – Kendall's quilt
  3. Doc’s Memory Quilt – Most of the blocks are made, but I am changing it up a little and have to make 4 more for the change. Memory_Quilt
  4. Flannel squares – add borders, quilt and bindFlannel squares
  5. Finish up and bind my oldest UFO (at least I think it is my oldest, it has to be 2002 at the latest!) – Cows for DebDeb's cows
  6. Birds in the Air – all the blocks are made, it just needs to be set together, quilted and bound. Birds In The Air blocks
  7. Mom’s Drunkard’s pathRed and white drunkards path
  8. Star From the Storm – needs last two borders, quilting, and bindingStarFromStorm
  9. 2010 First Saturday quilt – needs quilting and binding2010 First Saturday top finished
  10. Dinosaur quilt – needs quilting and bindingMini-me's dinosaur quilt

I will not get all these finished and am not even going to try, but it gives me some flexibility in what I work on, that way I won’t get bored with one project.

We will see what happens!

If you need motivation to finish projects and UFOs, hop on over and visit Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts, Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber or Adrianne at On the Windy Side!